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Verses 1-6

Casey Paul Griffiths (LDS Scholar)


Among the charges given to the elders of the Church is an obligation to visit and administer relief to “the poor and the needy,” a category broad enough to include every member of the Church and their neighbors. In the Church in our time, the charge to minister is shared by both the elders and the sisters.


Sister Jean B. Bingham, serving as the General Relief Society President, spoke of the Lord’s charge to visit and minister to those in need. “After all is said and done, true ministering is accomplished one by one with love as the motivation. The value and merit and wonder of sincere ministering is that it truly changes lives! When our hearts are open and willing to love and include, encourage and comfort, the power of our ministering will be irresistible. With love as the motivation, miracles will happen, and we will find ways to bring our ‘missing’ sisters and brothers into the all-inclusive embrace of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (“Ministering as the Savior Does,” April 2018 General Conference).


At the same conference, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland outlined the purpose of visiting those in need: “In spite of what we all feel are our limitations and inadequacies—and we all have challenges—nevertheless, may we labor side by side with the Lord of the vineyard, giving the God and Father of us all a helping hand with His staggering task of answering prayers, providing comfort, drying tears, and strengthening feeble knees. If we will do that, we will be more like the true disciples of Christ we are meant to be” (“Be With and Strengthen Them,” April 2018 General Conference). Regardless of whether the program is called home or visiting teaching, ministering, or any other title, the principle of visiting and assisting those in need will always be central to the work of the Lord’s Church.


(Doctrine and Covenants Minute)