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Verses 1-4

Casey Paul Griffiths (LDS Scholar)


Jared Carter had already made considerable sacrifices by serving a mission, but he was called once again to return to the mission field with the promise that the Lord “will crown him again with sheaves” (D&C 79:3). After this mission was ended, he wrote in his journal,


Now while I make this record, I remember the goodness of the Lord to me in the mission that I have lately been to in the East. I have enjoyed health continually and the Lord, not withstanding the great opposition to the glorious work, has blessed me . . . in this mission which I have been gone six months and two days. The Lord has permitted me to administer the gospel to 79 souls and many others by my instrumentality have been convinced of this most glorious work, where I have been in this mission. All that have been baptized while I have been in the regions where I have been in this mission is 98, and many others have been convinced of the work that sooner or later I think will obey the work.1


1. Journal of Jared Carter, spelling standardized, quoted in Cook, The Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 571.


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